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The Millyard development is Bob Benson's legacy to the community of Bear River.  His keen memory is a great source of historical information, always happy to share a few stories with those interested in the history and lore of the area.

The Millyard property, over time, the site of four different mills, including the last operational mill. The Millyard is situated on a point of land, originally known as Clarke Marsh. The mills included steam and electric operations.  Close to the village, the 5 acre property juts out into the river offering a spectacular view of the tidal river on three sides. There are more than twenty varieties of coniferous and deciduous trees, including cherry trees which grew from the roots of the first cherry tree ever planted in Bear River.

Birdwatchers have spotted geese, a variety of ducks, cormorants. turkey vultures, blue heron, hawks, and bald eagles are a common sight.

Fossils can also be found on the property and along the river. Launching facilities are on site for those who want to bring their own canoe or kayak or small boat and a trip on the river is both spectacular and educational.

This is a note left by guests...This is the most beautiful place we have ever had the gift of visiting. Everything about it is perfect and reminds me of a tiny house community. This is somewhere we would love to live everyday of our lives. It's the perfect place to re-energize and find yourself, mind, body and soul! The land speaks to you! Even our children find a sense of calmness and peace within themselves!

To the owners... You are AMAZING! Don't ever give up on your dream, for this incredible place you have made it so perfect! It's amazing to come and get back in touch with our "grass roots"





Located on the edge of the village of Bear River, known as the Switzerland of Nova Scotia, and  "the tidal village on stilts," shops are within an easy walking distance. Nearby is the Bear River First Nations, Oakdene Center, with a variety of Artist studios. the village has two Cafes, two General stores, Service station, four Churches, Cemeteries, Hiking trails, Hairdresser/barber, Royal Canadian Legion, Keith's Masonic Lodge, lots of century homes.

The geographical aspect of Bear River is unique.  Nestled in the valley between two steep hills, it is divided by the ever-changing rise and fall of the river.

Bear River is rich in the history of the shipbuilding tradition of Nova Scotia. Here, schooners and square rigged vessels were built in the numerous shipyards and sailed with their cargo around the world.  Once a thriving Seaport town, Bear River is now renowned for its natural beauty and rich history.

Also on the Millyard Recreation grounds is a common area building that features a farmer's and trader's market every Saturday in the summer season. A free space at the market is included with the fee of a cottage or campsite.