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                          Low tide                                                                                  High tide at night                                                             High tide                  

The Bear River Millyard Recreation, is located along the beautiful tidal Bear River and offer an opportunity to experience a comfortable, relaxing, friendly atmosphere.

We offer five CAMP COTTAGES, all on the bank of the Bear River (pet friendly).

- Tenting and RV sites with electric power and water.

- Small boat or kayak launching area all with a floating dock.

- River Tours available on request.

- An entertainment platform used at special events. (eg.)    

  Canada Day and International Rivers Day.

- A Yard Sale and Market area used on Special weekends.

- Enjoy delightful sunsets.

- Watch the bald eagles soar above you as the tide changes.

- Walk on the bottom of the River to study the incredible rock formations along the river banks, search for    fossils and distinctive flora.

- Rock ledge formations and fossils.

- Over 20 varieties of trees.

- History and knowledge of the area; interpretive panels.

- Friendly people.

- Free Wifi.


 Down Along the River

The tidal Bear River has been a source of fascination as long as there have been people to see it.  The M'iqmaq first settled here followed by the Planter in the 1740's, the Loyalist and Hessians in the 1780's.  The river was the focal point upon which the village was built. Because of the twice daily tides rising 29 feet at the mouth of the river, the location was perfect for shipbuilding, making a natural dry dock.   At one time there were seven shipyards in operation and the town was the largest in the area.

Now the river still runs through the heart of the village, but down at the Millyard, we think the rest of the river is well worth spending some time with.  Walk along the river floor at low tide and explore the nooks and crannies of its shores, filled with fabulous rock formations and wonderful species of flora.  The marshes are both salt and fresh water, an unusual combination, and there are many forms of plant life unique to this  phenomenon.